• SUCCESS COMPANY LIMITED was established in 1990, formerly an iron and steel store located in District 6 Phu Lam roundabout
  • Thanh Loi has more than 10 branches under Ho Chi Minh City, the West, the Southeast and Central Highlands with more than 40,000 m2 of warehouse area and full of modern equipment.
  • As of 2020 the average steel production that we distribute is about 15,000 tons /1 month


Thanh Loi will become the most reliable branded iron and steel distributor to everyone.


Giving customers absolute peace of mind about quality, price and transportation to the construction site.


We do our best to provide our customers with steel products manufactured from the most advanced modern machinery lines.


  • Iron and steel store system in many provinces with a wide variety of steel products.< /span>
  • A brand that has been trusted and trusted by consumers for more than 30 years.
  • Committed to product quality, all products have clear origins clear, transparent, genuine from the manufacturer.